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Unless you're 100% CONFIDENT that you can accomplish anything you put your MINDSET to, then you have arrived at the place where you WILL!


Discover the Hidden Gifts and Talents You Already Possess and are Ready to Bust Out to Give You Unlimited Confidence to Reach Your Full Potential


Chances are really good that you already have or you will experience at least one of these feelings . . . and it’s not very comforting.

  • don’t have confidence in your own abilities
  • apprehensive about starting a new venture
  • scared to speak in front of a group
  • uncomfortable when meeting new people
  • loss of security within yourself
  • nervous to go on a date
  • a fear of the unknown
  • struggle with your physical appearance
  • feel vulnerable spending time alone
  • afraid to step out of your comfort zone
  • unmotivated to try something new
  • value other opinions more than your own
  • restrained from reaching your goals
  • you follow the crowd instead of leading them
  • doubt about decisions you’ve made
  • guilty when making choices
  • bothered by what others say


I want to personally invite you to explore the most natural methods to discover the hidden gifts that reside within you and use them to reach new levels of confidence that can propel you into untapped achievement and success that you have always desired. Take this opportunity to discover your true abilities to make decisions with confidence without second-guessing them. Utilize the abilities you have to try something you’ve always wanted, such as a new career choice or perhaps a business venture. Accelerate your desires to reach your goals and live the dream life you deserve. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Even if you feel confident sometimes with yourself in some areas of your life, you can discover what you may be missing in all the other aspects that can hold you back from complete confidence and happiness . . . it just takes some awareness.


 Here is what others are saying about The 51st State ebook:

This information contained in Jay’s book could not have come at better time for me. Since my position with my former company was eliminated, I didn’t know what I was going to do, leaving me with no confidence in myself and total confusion with my future plans. After reading this book (twice), I regained control of my confidence and decided to venture out into something I have never tried before and it is growing into something very prosperous now. Thank you Jay for getting this “timely” information out to the public. It is providing me with the mindset to feel excited about things I never knew existed for me.”  – JoAnne, Sacramento, CA


“I learned so much in this book about myself and my self esteem, actually lack of self esteem. I have always been a person who tends to follow the crowd. I started my own plan based on the information I learned in this course and now I feel so much better about who I am and I don’t worry about what others think. Thank you for helping me feel better about myself.” – Thomas, Boise, ID.


“I recently had the privilege of reading Jay Hiller’s EBook “The 51st State…Your State of Mind is the foundation that determines Your Destiny”. Jay has an amazing grasp on the importance of self-confidence and its role in shaping our lives as children through adulthood.  Jay offers practical, common sense, step-by-step tools that can be implemented from day one to help you improve your physical well-being as well as your mental state of mind.  Self-confidence is a crucial ingredient in all aspects of life – personal, business, spiritual and physical. There’s A LOT of great stuff here…my favorite section is on page 51 “Be Thankful”.  This helped put many things into perspective for me. I highly recommend “The 51st State” to anyone that wants to improve their life and become a better, more confident person.” – Anita McAllister, Greeley, CO.


If you continue to tell yourself that someday you will do something to feel better about yourself and if only you had more confidence, you would try new things to better your current lifestyle and future security . . . NEWSFLASH . . . “Someday” Just Arrived!


So What Exactly Can This Information Do For You?

This comprehensive information will help you:

  • determine reasons for a lack of confidence and why that holds you back from reaching your dreams
  • turn dreams into beliefs, beliefs into goals, goals into plans, and plans into action to experience happiness like never before
  • recognize your fears, and learn how to face them, so you can progress in moving forward to accomplish anything you desire
  • provide solutions to identify what’s missing in your life and how to add the ingredients to satisfy and fulfill all aspects of your goals
  • raise awareness to the gifts you already possess to achieve your goals with confidence
  • experience new levels of happiness most people don’t even know exists
  • learn how to use your abilities to keep confident in any situation, especially when you may feel insecure

Invest in yourself . . . other personal development courses require a much higher price and more time commitment to reach your goals, but with this complete plan, you can reach those levels faster and at a much lower cost, providing MORE VALUE. This is offered as a very affordable and safe alternative to traditional expensive and time-consuming methods to reach the results for your well-being. Your investment is only $27 or $47 for more confidence solutions and you can get instant access to the solutions that can change your life right away. This is an incredible opportunity to finally feel great and live free from a lack of confidence. This could be the best decision you have ever made for your personal happiness.

You owe it to yourself to make the most of your potential and master your mindset and you can begin immediately by implementing the solutions outlined in these comprehensive chapters. You get instant product download when you commit to investing in YOU right now.


Don’t wait any longer – join so many others who have already reached NEW levels of confidence they never knew were possible and are achieving their goals and life dreams and experience complete happiness and peace of mind . . . click the Add To Cart button now to get your own copy of The 51st State and begin living the life you deserve. Take action now.


These alternatives are the most natural methods for solutions to achieve your NEW LEVELS of confidence

  • it’s totally chemical-free, no drugs
  • nothing artificial
  • safe and practical techniques
  • no prescription required
  • simple actions produce effective results
  • quick satisfaction
  • lasting results
  • you already possess the secret ingredients


You owe it to yourself to invest in your personal happiness now and for your future by reaching new levels of confidence. Take Charge of Your Mindset NOW . . . Get the Self Confidence You Always Wished You Had!

Total peak performance and success begins with a confident mindset which is the foundation to achievement and accomplishment. It is the driving force to help you take the necessary actions to reach your ultimate goals and feel great doing it.


Feel totally confident in all areas of your life. Have confidence in:

  • your decision-making process
  • your physical appearance
  • your motivation to start a new venture
  • your ability to create new friends
  • the peak performance of your career choice
  • your ability to reach goals
  • your ability to meet new people
  • your success to speak in front of an audience
  • the enhancement of your love life
  • your efforts to play sports better
  • facing your challenges
  • your ability to help others


Get this BONUS Report Hit Your Goals with Confidence (a $27 value) FREE when you invest in The 51st State ebook today.

Hit Your Goals with Confidence
I want to personally invite you explore the hidden gifts that reside within you and use them to reach new levels of confidence and self esteem that can propel you into untapped achievement success you have always desired. Take this opportunity to discover your true abilities to make decisions with confidence without second guessing them. Utilize the abilities you have to try something you’ve always wanted like a new career choice or perhaps a business venture.



Take action NOW . . . click the Add To Cart button to get your own copy of The 51st State and begin living the life you deserve. Take action now.


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Get even more reinforcement from this valuable resource by investing only $47 in the combination ebook and audio session that can have a lasting impact on your confidence while reading the book and listening to the audio anytime you wish and anywhere you go.


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  • Ease your mind knowing you have your confidence action plan with you always
  • Listen to the mp3 audio whenever you desire
  • Ebook is ready for you anytime and there’s no heavy book to carry around
  • Instant accessibility when waiting for appointments or when traveling
  • Easy and quick response to the solutions you need to feel confident anytime


Take advantage of this incredible discount before there is any chance the price will increase. Don’t risk missing out. Now is YOUR time to invest in YOU!


Invest with Confidence

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee you will learn new and meaningful ideas that you can put into action immediately to discover hidden gifts that you already possess or you can get your entire investment back.




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